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Bodyguard is streaming online on Prime Video and Jio.

Bodyguard Plot

Lovely Singh is extremely respectful of Mr Rana and his daughter Divya. While appointed as Divya's bodyguard, he falls in love with a girl he has never met, unaware that she is none other than Divya.

Box Office

Budget : ₹60 Crore
Box Office : ₹260 Crore

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User Review
  • 2.5/5
By MovieMavenGal

I have given Salman Khan the old college try with an older movie and now this one. He's not my cup of tea. SRK has more charm and personality in his pinky finger.

I did laugh out loud at the opening number where Salman makes his muscles dance. That was cute, and he seems to have a sense of humor about himself and his image. I just won't be seeking out his movies in future. A solid meh.

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