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Bilu Rakkhosh 2017

a.k.a Bilu: A Demon Within

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The story of "Bilu Rakkhosh" revolves around the central protagonist "Bilu" who is a direct product of the hollow modernization the current times are going through. Bilu works in IT in a typical corporate environment, although Bilu finds himself strangled and gasping. He loves singing and always wanted to pursue his career as a singer. But he has got trapped himself within his own demons (hence the name!). Bilu is a man stuck in time. His life circles around the same circumference every day, piling up on the frustration of not being able to follow his heart. In search of an escape Bilu who rebelled to be a puppet of the reality imposed by others as he creates his own through his delusions, for Bilu albeit living with inviolable demons inside, is also a dreamer.

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