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Białe małżeństwo 1993

a.k.a White Marriage

Białe małżeństwo Director : Magdalena Lazarkiewicz

Białe małżeństwo Plot

Bianka and Paulina are two teenage girls watching a video on the sexuality of people and animals. They are surprised by Bianka's farther and change to another channel. They suddenly find themselves in the same house in the 1920's. The girls are totally immersed in problems associated with puberty and reaching adulthood. The atmosphere of the house is imbued with eroticism. Bianka is sensitive with a poetic nature, shocked at the role that tradition has mapped out for her, terrified by the marriage which is being planned for her. Paulina is an extrovert, well adapted to face every situation, who accepts the amorous advances made at her. Based on the 1975 Tadeusz Różewicz play called Białe małżeństwo.

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