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Bhagavan 2009

a.k.a ഭഗവാൻ

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Bhagavan Plot

Months were over after the dreaded 2008 Mumbai attacks. A terrorist group led by Saifudeen (Daniel Balaji) planned bomb blasts in five places in Kochi. At the same time, Sakriya Thomas, the Home Minister of Kerala arrived at the hospital for his wife's delivery. Meanwhile, the terrorist group was planning to kidnap the Home Minister and his newborn baby. Saifudeen kidnapped three newborn babies and Dr. Balagopal (Mohanlal) came looking for them. Meanwhile, the Home Minister is kidnapped by Saifudeen's men. In the end, Balagopal kills Saifudeen and saves Home Minister and the babies. All the terrorists were captured or killed by the police.

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