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Aviation Vacation 1941

Aviation Vacation Director : Tex Avery

Aviation Vacation Plot

Spot gags on an around-the-world trip by airplane. The plane takes off like a bird by hopping into the sky, then follows along the railroad tracks dodging obstacles and going through the tunnel. A modernized Mount Rushmore includes Franklin W. Roosevelt and Wendell Willkie, the Democratic and Republican Party nominees for president in 1940. In Ireland, a tenor sings until a hair gets stuck in the projector gate. The tenor yells, "Hey you up there, get that hair out of here!", and a silhouette hand plucks the hair away. In Africa, an ostrich can't find any of his friends, who all have their heads stuck in the sand.

Aviation Vacation Cast

  • as Native Chief / Translator / Ostrich / Sick Butterfly (voice) (uncredited)
  • as Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
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