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Alludugaaru Vachcharu 1999

a.k.a అల్లుడుగారు వచ్చారు

Alludugaaru Vachcharu Director :

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Alludugaaru Vachcharu Plot

Murali (Jagapati Babu) an orphan who carves to have family relations. Murali a professional violinist follows in love with a playback singer Shalini (Heera Rajagopal) and goes around expressing his love for her. But when she insults his love, he promises he wouldn't trouble her again and that one day, she would understand him and come to him. One day Murali meets his childhood friend Maha / Mahalakshmi (Kausalya), who has recently lost her lover Madhu (Abbas) in an accident. To force her father to accept her love, she had already told him that she was married. Circumstances force her uncle to think Murali is her husband and they go back to her house in the village. But Maha's father Raghava Rao (Nassar) is so much angry on their marriage and does not accept Murali as his son-in-law..

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