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Muslim prince Ali and Georgian aristocrat Nino have grown up in the Russian province of Azerbaijan. Their tragic love story sees the outbreak of the First World War and the world’s struggle for Baku’s oil. Ultimately they must choose to fight for their country’s independence or for each other.

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This is a sweeping romantic epic set in Azerbaijan at

the time of World War I. Ali is Muslim, and his love Nino is Christian. Ali's father has no problem with them becoming engaged, but Nino's father hesitates at this interfaith union. (Nino's father is played by the wonderful Mandy Patinkin.)

A colleague of Nino's father says he will advocate for their union, but actually wants Nino for himself. When he tries to kidnap Nino to forceably marry her, Ali rides to the rescue. In the fight that ensues, the kidnapper is killed and Ali's father sends Ali off to the mountains to avoid...

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