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Adavi Ramudu 1977

a.k.a Adavi Ramudu

Adavi Ramudu Director : K Raghavendra Rao

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Adavi Ramudu is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Adavi Ramudu Plot

Nagabhushanam and his son Nagaraju (Satyanarayana) runs smuggling and Illegal transport of forest produce in the Forest. Ramu (NTR) opposes and raises the villagers to fight against him. Padma (Jayaprada) Daughter of Forest officer (Jaggayya) loves him. One tribal lady Chilakamma (Jayasudha) also loves him as a brother. Nagabhushanam takes the help of Jaggu (Sridhar) to sent Ramu away from the forest. Later half reveals that Ramu was in fact a Forest officer in secret mission to investigate the case of Forest affairs. The story finally leads to the arrest of criminals.

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