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Achchamundu Achchamundu 2009

a.k.a அச்சமுண்டு அச்சமுண்டு

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Senthil Kumar (Prasanna) and Malini (Sneha) are a happily married couple in New Jersey, living life like any other born-in-India, arrived-in-the-US couple do. He submerges himself in the office and eats sambhar rice at home and she never misses a bhajan at the temple and shops at Indian stores. They have a daughter Rithika (Akshaya Dinesh), 5 years old, the apple of their lives (their car's registration number carries the name of their daughter.) They have just settled down in a new, spacious home about which Malini, understandably, has fears. The couple squabble amicably about everything from her perpetual laundry and cooking; while Senthil argues with friends about the significance of viboothi (holy ash, usually applied on forehead) and takes his family on weekend trips and birthday parties. It is a normal, happy life in the US until Robertson (John Shea) arrives, to paint the basement. Now, things are never the same at home again.

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