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Aap Beati 1976

a.k.a Aap Beati

Aap Beati Director : Mohan Kumar

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Aap Beati is streaming online on Jio.

Aap Beati Plot

The Kapoor family consists of Kishorilal, his wife Lajjo, son, Prakash, and daughter, Geeta. Kishorilal and Geeta toil hard to ensure that Prakash gets a good education so that he can study in America, return home, and repay the loans that the family has taken. Prakash does get to complete his studies, he also travels to America, upgrades, and returns home to be employed as Kishorilal's boss. Then Prakash gets married to Reena, who comes from a wealthy family, and moves in with them. Geeta confides in Reena that she has met a young man by the name of Ranjit, both are in love and want to get married. The entire family is overjoyed, but their joys are short-lived when Ranjit's dad, Mayadas, asks him to get married to the daughter of a wealthy man, when he refuses, he is asked to leave.

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