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Aalukkoru Aasai 2003

a.k.a ஆளுக்கொரு ஆசை

Aalukkoru Aasai Director : V. Sekhar

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Aalukkoru Aasai is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Aalukkoru Aasai Plot

Sathyaraj dreams of marrying an educated employed girl, of building a dream house of his own, and having just one child. But the wife (Meena) he gets, thanks to the trick played by his scheming orthodox grandparents, turns out to be an illiterate rustic whose dreams are confined to marrying a swarthy man, having a dozen kids and visiting all the temples around. Soon all the dreams of the wife came true and the husband's dream was being destroyed one by one. Vadivelu hoodwinking his own wife (Kalpana) and carrying on unabashedly with his philandering activities is pedestrian comedy. So the husband was quite mad at the wife and his grandparents. Later his friend(Vadivelu) a hooker (Manthara) who develops a soft corner for him. Later the husband and his friend left their family and stayed at the hooker's house for a short period. In the end the husband went back to his wife and stayed happily.

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