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Aadukalam 2011

Aadukalam Director : Vetrimaaran

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Aadukalam is streaming online on Sun NXT.

Aadukalam Plot

The movie is set in the backdrop of a town, where Rooster fights are common. Pettaikaaran and Rathnaswamy, a cop are tough competitors in these games and it is often Pettai who wins due to the fact that nobody knows his way of maintaining the quality of the birds. Karuppu (Dhanush) and Durai (Kishore) are also in Pettaikaran's team. Rathnasamy keeps insisting on having one last fight to win and satisfy his old mother’s wish but Pettaikaran declines to have any more fights with him because he feels Rathnasamy has lost faith in his roosters and will be using nefarious methods to win. Rathnasamy keeps insisting and tries to make him accept the challenge through cajoling, threatening, bribing and other vile acts.

Aadukalam Cast

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