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Series Ended (2009 - 2010)

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'Alkis-Petros-Basil-Aris ... 4 men. 4 siblings or otherwise 4 seasons, as their mother used to say when they were children. 4 different types of men with different lives, different women and careers, different I want and need. What unites them and at the same time separates them is their family. A family seemingly impeccable. They will all be overthrown and the perfect family will have to face real life. Truths we don't admit, mistakes we make, thoughts we make, relationships we need, and love that we dream of living. What happens when we find out that in the end of our lives we want more than we thought we would? Is it too late for a cruise change? An unexpected event is enough and the lives of the 4 men will be liberated forever.

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  • 26. Forever...
    07 Jul '10
  • 25. End of season
    01 Jul '10
  • 24. Bossa Nova... again
    24 Jun '10
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