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1: Nenokkadine 2014

a.k.a 1 - నేనొక్కడినే

1: Nenokkadine Director : Sukumar

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1: Nenokkadine is streaming online on Jio and Sun NXT.

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Gautham is a rock star suffering from a mental disorder due to which he loses grip over reality. But he's convinced his parents were murdered by three men and his only goal is revenge.

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  • 4.5/5
By Tushar Shukla
must watch

A must must watch. The best south indian thriller. Nice piece of acting by all the actors. Mahesh Babu's one of the best movie till now i can quote it.

If Christopher Nolan was from south India, he would have made this one. Best story, awesome connection of the end to the start, great direction. IMDb's rating is a proof of my rating, 8.6 which is more than The Dark Knight Rises(8.4).

I've rated it 4.5 not 5 just because of action scenes which were obviously over exaggerating but being a south indian movie we can tolerate that much. lol

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