• List of Episodes (22)
    • 1. A Not So Fatal Attraction

      08 Oct '88
      While posing as Hildy's boyfriend during a stakeout, Max unexpectedly falls in love with her after they kiss in the line of duty. Max is enamored with Hildy after they pose as lovers during a stakeout.
    • 2. Hildy's Public Defender

      15 Oct '88
      Romantic sparks threaten to ignite when Hildy meets a public defender who is much younger. While working on a condominium time-share scam, Hildy suddenly finds herself under the investigative eye of a public defender who is much younger.
    • 3. A Friend in High Places

      22 Oct '88
      Hildy keeps an old high school friend from committing suicide, but then Hildy inadvertently complicates matters as they reminisce together.
    • 4. Have a Nice Day

      29 Oct '88
      Mishaps abound when Hildy works to prepare the department and the deputies for a surprise inspection.
    • 5. Gussie Behind Bars

      05 Nov '88
      During Hildy's first bid for reelection since being appointed Sheriff, unexpected trouble begins when her mother is arrested and jailed during a ""Save the Trees"" protest.
    • 6. Max's Ten

      12 Nov '88
      Max becomes so obsessed with showing his beautiful date to his doubting co-workers that he inadvertently ignores her.
    • 7. Mulcahy Gets Kicked Out

      19 Nov '88
      Hildy engages in a battle-of-the-sexes with her deputies when they disagree on how Mulcahy should reconcile his wife after a fight, during which she threw him out of the house.
    • 8. Dream the Implausible Dream

      26 Nov '88
      While working undercover as an actress at a music comedy audition, Hildy's long-forgotten dreams of stardom are reborn as she considers the benefits of life on stage.
    • 9. Father Son Banquet

      03 Dec '88
      Hildy tries to prove ""mother knows best"" when she battles with Kenny's baseball coach to be included in the annual Father-Son banquet.
    • 10. Love Hurts

      10 Dec '88
      While attempting to play Cupid to her friends Terry and Putnam, Hildy discovers that Terry's current boyfriend, Biff, is really Max in disguise.
    • 11. Down For the Count

      17 Dec '88
      Hildy's and the deputies' dreams of fame and riches end when the fighter in whom them invest turns out to be a ""lightweight.""
    • 12. Midnight Run

      07 Jan '89
      A ruthless criminal is gunning for Hildy after she witnesses a bank robbery.
    • 13. Tastes Great, Less Killing

      14 Jan '89
      At Hildy's fund-raiser for state representative-hopeful Jonathan Gagen, confusion reigns as the caterer is suspected of poisoning his creations and Gagen tirelessly attempts to convince Hildy that they were meant for each other.
    • 14. Divorce, Wiggins Style

      21 Jan '89
      Deputy Wiggins' soon-to-be-ex-wife pays a surprise visit to finish divorce arrangements, but his jealousy over her plans to marry a well-known professional athlete leads Wiggins to second thoughts about the divorce. A jealous streak surfaces in Deputy Wiggins, whose soon-to-be-ex-wife discloses plans to marry a well-known professional athlete.
    • 15. Forever Young

      04 Feb '89
      Hildy convinces herself that she is too old as a landmark birthday approaches.
    • 16. The Teflon Sheriff

      11 Feb '89
      Hildy becomes popular with the media at the expense of her deputies' egos when she gets all the credit for a counterfeiting arrest which the guys masterminded, and which she actually hindered.
    • 17. The Mother Mugger

      18 Feb '89
      After she is mugged in broad daylight, Gussie's fear overcomes her and prevents her from leaving the house. Meanwhile, Max and Putnam don pantyhose and heels in a valiant, if not stylish, effort to apprehend the culprit.
    • 18. I'm Okay, Your're All Crazy

      25 Feb '89
      When a psychiatrist is held in the Lakes County Sheriff's Department lockup, Hildy and her staff begin to question their own, as well as each other's, psychological motivations
    • 19. Max Gets Trumped

      04 Mar '89
      Max's life becomes terrible when a wealthy real estate tycoon takes a romantic interest in Hildy in order to make Max miserable, thereby fulfilling his twenty-year vendetta against the man who befriended, and then rejected him as a child.
    • 20. You Always Hurt the One You Love

      18 Mar '89
      When Mulcahy's wife, Bubba Ann, thinks she is pregnant with their seventh child, Mulcahy is given an ultimatum: either he gets a vasectomy, or he is not allowed back in the bedroom.
    • 21. Me Tarzan, You Hildy

      25 Mar '89
      Hildy attempts to fight her strong physical attraction to a handsome body builder who is less than brilliant, while her deputies bet on whether or not she will ask him out.
    • 22. Kissing Cousins

      01 Apr '89
      Romantic jealousy reigns as Jonathan Gagen fabricates an interest in Hildy's attractive new intern in order to prove to Hildy that she too is the victim of jealousy. At the same time, Putnam, who finds the young lady irresistible, plots the conquest of her heart.