• Air date: 16 Aug '23 6 episodes
      When Reza, a successful lawyer, is on the verge of winning the most important case of his life, a mysterious mishap on the 16-and-a-half floor of Violet Inn changes everything. Will Reza be able to save himself?
  • List of Episodes (6)
    • 1. Prima Facie

      16 Aug '23
      When Reza, the Kepler estate's attorney, plans to spend a night with the estate's PR manager Natasha, before a crucial hearing, a murder turns the lustrous night into a nightmare.
    • 2. Death Knock

      16 Aug '23
      After rushing to the hotel, Reza finds that he has fallen into a huge trap due to the pistol he left behind and that his foes wait there to witness his downfall.
    • 3. Brain Dump

      16 Aug '23
      Rakib's plot drags Rini into this murderous frenzy. Despite getting trapped, Reza tries to join the dots between Altaf and Natasha's acquaintance and the situation at hand.
    • 4. House Mouse

      16 Aug '23
      Natasha and Altaf's rift at the hotel sparks new mysteries. As they press Reza to lose Kepler's case, a sudden gunshot silences everyone.
    • 5. Leverage

      16 Aug '23
      While everyone is busy pinning the blame on each other, the hotel's executive manager Shofiq's secret connection with Natasha stuns everyone.
    • 6. Soul Dance

      16 Aug '23
      Ambition and greed ushered Natasha into the pit of destruction. But, at the end of this dawn, will the real murderer be caught in this maze of treachery?