• Air date: 07 Oct '98 21 episodes
      "Ever wish you could live your last week all over again? Well, my name's Frank B. Parker, and I do it all the time. I work for a secret government project experimenting in time travel. When things really get screwed up, I'm the guinea pig they send back to take care of it. The catch is, I can only go back 7 days."
  • List of Episodes (21)
    • 1. Pilot (1)

      07 Oct '98
    • 2. Pilot (2)

      07 Oct '98
    • 3. The Gettysburg Virus

      14 Oct '98
      Parker is sent back in time by a dying Olga to stop the spread of a deadly mutated Ebola virus.
    • 4. Come Again?

      21 Oct '98
      Talmadge decides to authorize the use of Backstep in order to save Dr. Jonathan Axelrad, a man with the secret to cold fusion. But everything is not what it seems...
    • 5. Vows

      28 Oct '98
      A tanker truck filled with a deadly acid explodes killing 86 people and devastating the North Korean embassy and threatening to trigger a war.
    • 6. Doppleganger (1)

      04 Nov '98
      When the team at Never Never Land compound hears news that the United States is in danger of being taken over by terrorists, Operation Back Step is put into effect. However, after Dr. Ballard modifies the sphere, a glitch causes Frank Parker to separate into two people.
    • 7. Doppleganger (2)

      11 Nov '98
      Good-Frank tries to make his way to Backstep to stop Starker from initiating his military coup and taking over the U.S. government (with the aid of Parker's evil duplicate) while the U.S. and China are on the brink of nuclear war.
    • 8. Shadow Play

      18 Nov '98
      A young secretary, Rebecca, goes underground after the NAS office she works for is destroyed in an explosion and it is believed that she is the one responsible.
    • 9. As Time Goes By

      25 Nov '98
      Just as Parker and Olga start to become romantically involved, Olga's husband Josef returns from the future to claim his wife and join the team.
    • 10. Sleepers

      16 Dec '98
      When Parker and Donovan are to be honored at the White House, they are caught up in an intricate assassination scheme.
    • 11. HAARP Attack

      27 Jan '99
      Parker must prevent a terrorist plot to have American planes bomb a U.S. command center in Saudi Arabia, but an accident during the Backstep makes things go a little crazy.
    • 12. Last Card Up

      03 Feb '99
      After a disastrous confrontation between a religious cult and the U.S. government, Parker is sent back in time to undo the event.
    • 13. Last Breath

      10 Feb '99
      When a Russian spy submarine gets trapped on an ice shelf off the coast of Alaska, its nuclear fuel is released into the atmosphere, causing widespread devastation. Parker must link up underwater with the submarine before it happens again.
    • 14. Parkergeist

      24 Feb '99
      After a sabotaged Backstep, Parker seems to be killed. Now a disembodied Parker must somehow convince Olga he's not dead.
    • 15. Daddy's Girl

      03 Mar '99
      The Vice-President's illegitimate daughter, an Air Force flyer, is shot down in Bosnia. After she's killed along with her Ranger rescue team, and her father kills himself out of grief, Parker must jump back in time to save the mission.
    • 16. There's Something About Olga

      31 Mar '99
      Olga is kidnapped and replace by a look-alike, with the intention of stealing Operation Backstep's secrets.
    • 17. A Dish Best Served Cold

      21 Apr '99
      A former Backstep pilot, thought to be dead, seeks revenge by trying to sabotage the Sphere.
    • 18. Vegas Heist

      05 May '99
      As the team vacations in Las Vegas, a group tries to rob a casino to save their African village.
    • 19. EBEs

      12 May '99
      When a Back-Step is made to prevent a toxic spill, Parker discovers an alien cover-up.
    • 20. Walter

      19 May '99
      Parker balks when ordered to kill an autistic savant, Walter, whose code-breaking skills are put to use by enemy spies to kill 20 CIA agents.
    • 21. Lifeboat

      26 May '99
      Parker discovers a secret lab at Never Never Land with an alien alive from the Roswell UFO crash - the alien escapes and sets off a nuclear disaster.