• The elite real estate brokers at The Oppenheim Group sell the luxe life to affluent buyers in LA. The drama ramps up when a new agent joins the team.
  • List of Episodes (11)
    • 1. Game Changer

      22 Apr '22
      Flying high: Chrishell reveals her latest love - Jason. In LA, the agents get real about the relationship while Christine readies her return.
    • 2. New Blood

      22 Apr '22
      At the office, Chrishell faces J-Shell questions. Chelsea connects with Jason. Christine dishes with Amanza. Emma shocks, and Mary gets big news.
    • 3. Coming For All Your Coin

      22 Apr '22
      Black and blond Barbies brainstorm. Emma meets a hot developer with a sexy home. Chrishell tries out a dog door. Heather's shower ends with a surprise.
    • 4. Bad Bitches Don't Cry

      22 Apr '22
      Heather has it out, but can Christine keep it professional? At the caviar and couture party, Chelsea dresses to impress and defends her friend.
    • 5. Do You Think We're Friends?

      22 Apr '22
      Emma shares a new love with Chrishell. Christine breaks down her event, Amanza reveals an empowering space, and Davina clashes with a client.
    • 6. Step Up or Step Out

      22 Apr '22
      Hot market, high expectations: Mary ups the pressure and makes a confession to Romain. Chrishell spars with Brett. Davina looks for a last chance.
    • 7. It's Getting Personal

      22 Apr '22
      Real talk: Chelsea hears from Heather while Davina confronts Christine about her catty quips. Jason's mom grills Chrishell and her son over bites.
    • 8. She's Your Problem Too

      22 Apr '22
      Musical desks: Chelsea enters blazing, bearing business and invites. Mary makes her move. Chrishell confides in Jason. A tea party gets heated.
    • 9. Sabotage in Stilettos

      22 Apr '22
      Miami-bound Maya goes out with a bang. Spilt tea leaves Davina unsettled. Chrishell opens up to Heather. A backstabbing rumor shakes Mary.
    • 10. Nothing Remains The Same

      22 Apr '22
      Hearts flip as Heather weds Tarek. Jason and Mary grapple with being ghosted. Go solo or take the next step: The agents face life-changing decisions.
    • 11. The Reunion

      06 May '22