• Air date: 02 Nov '19 4 episodes
      Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang have fought hard alongside their friends to bring the Relic of Knowledge to Atlas, the northernmost Kingdom in Remnant. However, the futuristic urban-sprawl may hide just as much danger as the Grimm-infested tundra that surrounds it. Enemies and allies will collide as our heroes fight to stop Salem's forces, but banding together is dangerous when you don't know who you can trust.
  • List of Episodes (4)
    • 1. The Greatest Kingdom

      02 Nov '19
      Our heroes have finally made it to Atlas, but are they truly as safe as they'd hoped? This shining city in the clouds may be a beacon of hope for Remnant, but it casts a dark shadow...
    • 2. A New Approach

      09 Nov '19
      Arresting people isn’t exactly the best way to make a first impression. However, once the initial shock has worn off, Ruby and her friends learn there’s a lot more to these Ace Ops - and even General Ironwood - than first meets the eye.
    • 3. Ace Operatives

      16 Nov '19
      Out in the snowy tundra, the Ace Ops show teams RWBY and JNR the ropes.
    • 4. Episode 4

      23 Nov '19