Ridiculousness : Season 1

    • Air date: 28 Aug '11 16 episodes
  • List of Episodes (16)

    1. Ryan O'Malley

    • Rob and the 'Ridiculousness' crew have some redneck good times, experience painful double whammies, and get pogo stuck as they show off the craziest videos on the internet.

    2. Johnny Knoxville

    • 'Jackass' star Johnny Knoxville joins the 'Ridiculousness' crew to see what happens when bad ideas turn worse, wild beasts get freaky, and kids end up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    3. Big Black

    • Rob’s former co-star Big Black joins the panel, breaking down Makeshift Thrill Rides, Bieber Hair, and Coming in Hot. See how human scorpions sting in a whole different way than the spider that attacks an innocent dad.

    4. Travis Pastrana

    • Extreme stuntman Travis Pastrana visits the studio to help Rob and the gang show off the craziest animals and baddest whiskey throttles on the web.

    5. The Dingo

    • Action sports personality The Dingo hangs out with Rob and the gang to watch some web videos of worst case scenarios and costly crashes.

    6. Matthew Mounce

    • The 'Ridiculousness' crew watches the most painful karate mishaps on the web, and learns what it truly means to ride dirty.

    7. Jeff Tremaine

    • The 'Ridiculousness' family welcomes special guest/extreme television producer Jeff Tremaine to help share web videos featuring the hardest slams and worst friends out there.

    8. Matt Schlager

    • Skater Matt Schlager is a guest. Clips of "Man-kinis" and "Dodging Bullets" are featured.

    9. Chris Drama PFAFF

    • Rob's cousin Drama helps Rob break down Family Dysfunction, Your Friend's a Dick, and Little Rollers. Credit Cards compete for pain against Popsicles. And learn whether Parkour is an art or just some Aggressive Running.

    10. Judd Leffew

    • Bull rider Judd Leffew schools Chanel on whether bulls get dizzy when Rob breaks down A Bunch of Bull and Angry Animals. Watch fools compete in the Ridiculousness Decathlon. And a whole lot of people get Dunked.

    11. Biker Fox

    • Caite Upton joins Steelo once again as Rob shows off S**t Whips and Redneck Good Times. A lot of people blow out their money-makers in De-Faced. Biker Fox joins the panel for some fun in spandex and scrapes in Biker Down.

    12. Dan Heaton

    • The 'Ridiculousness' gang welcomes a world-class unicyclist, and everyone gets a taste of some of the web's wildest worst-case scenarios and band practice mishaps.

    13. Ryan Dunn

    • The late Ryan Dunn, daredevil and former 'Jackass' star, joins the 'Ridiculousness' gang as they take a look at the latest bunch of wacky web videos.

    14. Cole Hernandez

    • Rob invites his favorite Youtube dancer to the set, and the 'Ridiculousness' gang finds out what happens when average joes go up against household electronics and Mother Nature.

    15. The Dingo II

    • The Dingo is back! Laugh as a whole lot of people have a Tough Day on the Job, find out if You're Too Old For That, and who's Almost Awesome. Rob breaks down Skiers vs. Snowboarders. Shoes go flying off in Shoe Down.

    16. Big Black II

    • Big Black is back for the 'Ridiculousness' season finale, and the gang watches hilarious vids of people fighting gainst gravity and snow.