• 4/5

What The Folks is an amazing web series showcasing the typical Indian family drama after marriage .

In the first season Nikhil a young man has to go and live with his wife's family so basically he has to overcome all the social stigma and awkwardness that is related when the groom has to live in the brides house with her family , now this series shows an amazing bitter sweet journey between the different lifestyles existing in the different generations and no matter what comes family is always there having the back of each other like from crashing the car to smoking cigarette with Akshata etc.

In the second season then Anita who is Nikhil's wife shifts to Delhi with her husband and then one day Nikhil's parents come to visit them and in fact live with them at their place for some time .

What makes this series more realistic is that despite fighting almost daily , despite the fact that every one has a different ideology and despite innumerable differences they continue to love one another .