Virus Review

A microscopic glimpse of life and death

If Virus was released today it would have made no distinction in the current wrath. Ashiq Abu’s virus is an exemplary opulence of a great medical thriller that is possible due to the collective effort of an outstanding cast and technical team.

The queasiness and attention that this medical thriller brings into the screen is nothing less smarter than Steven speilberg’s Contagion. Amidst everything what does wonders for this beautiful craft is the exceptional screenwriting of Muhsin Parari.

In one of the the most outstanding scenes of the movie we see Tovino Thomas who plays the role of a district collector persuades the ambulance drivers who refuses to work in such dreaded and dangerous condition. He says to them that anyone who wants to continue could write their details in a piece of paper and others could write a simple NO. This speaks of the neat characterization of the collector which would have been easily way warded. Had it been some other movie the viewpoint would have slanted the drivers as antagonists and eulogised Tovino Thomas.

Virus is the story of how a deadly epidemic virus (Nipah) has disseminated in the Kozhikode district of Kerala. As the virus spread becomes more chaotic and deaths occur most uncertain we get to learn there is no vaccine to this and the only way to contain this is isolating the suspected patients. The outstanding hues of this thriller are the character who are given no specialized treatment as star celebrities. The remarkable composition of their roles to restrict the virus despite their big names is splendid. Whether it is Dr. Annu (Parvathy Thiruvothu) character as a nurse to work on the ground levels to identify the cause or it is Jojju George whose family is secluded as the society suspect he is a nipah positive, all of them has a collective contribution to the nerve of this plot.

On top of everything Rajeev Rajeev’s sombre camera works with the minimalistic scores of Sushin shyam has been outstandingly spectacular. Virus is an deviant piece of classic cinema because of the leniency and meticulousness in which it has treated its elements. Never for a moment in the screen you would notice a vanity or temerity in each of the character. Despite having a running time of over 150 minutes you won’t be enervated as this tight knitted drama needs this much length to justify.

Virus is currently streaming on Amazon prime video with English subtitles.

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