Vada Chennai Review

  • 4.5/5
Cult movie with lot of red and dark shades of vadachennai peoples

In my opinion it was a good master piece movie in vetrimaran career.vadachennai shows a bloody and raw movie that shows the real life of a South Chennai people's and area.The character Dhanush plays in Vada Chennai is epic — though he’s a more reluctant hero. With his outstanding cinematographer Velraj, Vetrimaaran unleashes one flamboyant scene after another. This is a dark film, and the visuals give the impression of being shot in natural light. There are lots of blacks in the jail scenes, and even the outdoor scenes suggest some kind of cloud overall the movie shows the real life of an people who was in the dark side of Chennai and the success of this movie is it really connect with the vadachennai people's.Even the cons of the movie is lot of bad words usen so lot of audience make a acward while speaking bad words in lot of overall it's a very super movie and after VIP dhanush shows that I am a really good performer my career will speaks this movie even lot of disaster will came after this. Overall very Satisfying Gangster Saga That (Mostly) Becomes The Epic It Strives To Be.