Udaan Review

  • 2/5
Started with a good concept, became chewing gum without taste

Plot: This serial started with showing child labour. It's reasons were taken up in the story where Chakor's parents before her birth had to keep the unborn child as a bonded labourer to the wealthy landlord. In childhood itself Chakor was fearless, intelligent and brave. She always dreamt of freedom. Vivaan, the landlord's son, had a good repo with Chakor. Entry of Ishwar, Aditya's father who was collector, had a very big hand in educating Chakor and removing her from the shackles of bonded labour. Conspiracy was always set in by the landlord and others which just stretched the story to a boring serial.

Plotless extension: Remarrige of the landlord when first wife is present has nothing to do with the centre of serial ....child labour and bonded labour. Imli, more of Chakor's enemy than a sister also started with conspiracy. Tried to kidnap Chakor's daughter Anjor. And what not. In totality it can be said that Udaan is conspiracies in air all the time. Many of which deviates from the main topic of bonded labour.

Serial ends on Sept 6 2018 was in news.

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