TVF Tripling Review

  • 5/5
[contains spoilers]

This series tells us the story of everything that happens between siblings of any kind. It portrays all kind of emotions between three siblings. Three adults who haven't seen or heard from each other are suddenly stuck with each other on a road trip with trouble chasing after them is the best form of refreshment any human beings want. From Amol Parashar's "Baba , you're beautiful", to Sumit Vyas' "tu Rajneeti ki Katrina Kaif ki tarah saree pehenke kyu ghum rahi hai" to Maanvi Gagroo's "WTF! tera baccha ho gaya?", every single dialogue exchanged between Chitvan, Chandan and Chanchal keeps you hooked to the series. You'd often think how are these three even siblings, they are so different but at the same time you will find hundreds of reasons proving just how close these siblings are.

This series actually inspired a lot of viewers to actually get in touch with their siblings and go on family road trips. It reconnects you, resurfaces all those secrets you were dying to let out, and brings back those sweet, funny memories. Nothing beats uncertain adventure between three siblings to never see eye to eye on the road.