• 4.5/5

" To all the boys I've loved before " has one of the most funny and interesting plots among the series I have watched. The story begins with Lara who has a number of crushes and to each of them, she writes a letter with the address but she never sends them out of fear. Later, her little sister Kitty goes to her room, and steals the letters after Lara falls asleep and finally, mails them.

When Lara discovers that her crush Peter has received the letter, she faints instantly. On regaining consciousness, however she discovers that Josh, whom she had recently written a letter to has also been mailed. In order to avoid the awkward situation, she kisses Peter before Josh so that Josh could not approach her and later, she runs away.

She then encounters Lucas, who had received her letter as well, who reveals that he is a gay. This makes Lara realize that all her letters have been sent.

The interesting part is when she confronts Peter, but instead of getting angry, Peter proposes that they pretend to be a couple in order to makes his ex girlfriend Gen ( who happens to be Lara's ex best friend and currently, her rival) jealous.

They later make everyone believe it, but when the time comes, Peter gets confused about his feelings. A series of various problems, misunderstandings and rumors follow. They walk through all to finally confess their feelings. The story eventually ends with the three sisters reuniting together and Lara, finding that, John, has also arrived. It keeps the viewers guessing what will happen next until they realize the series has already ended!

Throughout the entire series, we realise the uncertainties of life and its possibilities, how anything can be possible at any moment, and how things need to be enjoyed, one at a time.

The series is overall uncertain, yet entertaining.