Titanic Review

  • 4.5/5

The titanic is a movie based on real incidence of the drowning of the ship Titanic in the Ocean. It portrays the love story of a young girl, Rose, belonging to the aristocratic class and a young boy,Jack which is narrated by her to her grandchildren. Rose had come along with her and fiance, Cal and her mother while Jack had come with his friend . Unhappy with the engagement, she attempts suicide where she is stopped by Jack.

Eventually , they start to fall in love with each other while meeting a numerous times aboard the ship. But the girl's family comes to know about it and they restrict the two lovers.

Meanwhile, the ship collides with an iceberg and it starts to sink. Before Jack could inform it, he is tied by Cal's men. Later, the situation grows worse and the time comes for the people to be rescued . Later , Cal saves himself but Rose goes back to Jack where he saves Rose while he himself freezes to death.

And years later, when the Titanic is recovered from the ocean and renovated , she visits it with her family. But only thing which remains is his memory and the locket, which she finally drops in the water. She remembers him with teary eyes, and the love story which had made her live, even though she could never see him again.

The movie is overall a beautiful depiction of the condition of the people who had sunk in the ocean along with the huge ship. It also showed how love stays, no matter how much time passes, no matter whether the beloved is alive or not, because they live in the memories , forever ! How memories never fade away, even though people do! No matter how much time has passed, they remain in our our hearts, and remains buried within it till death!..