Time Out Review

  • 3/5

'Time Out' stars the hugely talented Tahir Raj Bhasin as Rahul & the gorgeous Sarah Jane Dias as his wife Radha. Rahul & Radha are your typical urban salaried couple, with unsatisfying jobs & a huge EMI burden thanks to their new swanky apartment. Rahul works as an ad exec, who finds his work to be a complete drag. He has a boss who, is constantly on his case. Although he is the “rising star” in his company, Rahul is always at loggerheads with his boss, due to his attitude. He has recently found out, that his parents who are based out of Lucknow, are filing for divorce thanks to his father’s philandering ways. He has a colleague & best friend – Ashish (Sahil Vaid). Ashish & alcoholic wife have two kids. The kids & the responsibility of having them, freak the hell out of Rahul. To add to his list of woes, his loving wife badly wants a baby & our hero just isn’t ready. Rahul, unable to handle so many challenges, takes some drastic decisions which end up alienating him from his wife. Rahul then asks for a “Time Out” from their relationship.

Tahir Raj Bhasin shines in his portrayal of a conflicted husband having a meltdown. You feel for his character and yet, at times, want to shake him back to his senses. Sarah Jane Dias to justifies her eccentric character of an alpha female chasing a perfect life.

Sahil Vaid is completely natural and is amazing in every scene. With superb comic timing, his parts with his alcoholic wife (played flawlessly by the effervescent Mansi Multani) add a much needed comic relief in the narrative.

Time Out has its share of bold stuff, yet it is not force fed and blends seamlessly into the story without looking trivial. So watch this story as it shows how a marriage in an age like this exists with everything that comes with it.