Thera Para Review

  • 4/5

Thera Para is a sitcom released by the Malayalam YouTube channel – “karikku fresh “, with one of it kinds, Karikku fresh was one of the first Malayalam YouTube channel to release a web series.

The series revolve around the lives of four bachelors –lolan , shibu , shambu and George. With each of their lives tied up in bunch of idiyocricies, this series took up on the various trends in the society to which especially the malyali youth could relate to.

The actors manage to improvise their roles, crack jokes in a very natural way and their acting falls in the natural category. Their voice modulations, acting of being dumb had struck the funny chord. With each episodes taking a rather comical take on the various trends, this series does seem to go well with the audience. The content is rather unique and the actors make it even better.