The Reunion Review

  • 3.5/5
[contains spoilers]

Imagine working on a typical weekday and you receive an invitation. An invitation to relive all those beautiful days when having fun used to be the priority, where the most beautiful memories have the familiar faces of amazing friends you made on the way, the home to the most carefree days yet the days when friendships were challenged and bridges were broken. Imagine being invited to the reunion where you could reminisce about school life.

While aiming forward in life, Aarya, Dev, Deva and Gaurav get a chance to look back at the school days when they are invited to the reunion. This brings them to life-altering revelations, opening the chapters of life that were closed shut years ago. Cue the tears, drama, broken bridges and paths mended. The Reunion is a rollercoaster of emotions that hits you right in the feels and leaves you feeling nostalgic.