The Notebook Review

  • 4.5/5

Notebook is one of the most beautiful films I've ever watched.

The film starts with an old man, Duke, who reads the pages of a notebook to an old woman, Mrs

Hamilton who is suffering from Alzheimers .They sit on a bench and the pages are read out one by one which contains the story of a young man and his beloved.

The young man, Noah falls in love with a beautiful girl, Allie, at a carnival, who happens to belong to the upper class. They later go to a house, where they are interrupted by Noah friend who tells them that Allie's family are searching for her. They confess their love to each other. But when the girl's family discovers this, and in order to separate the two, they take her away back to their honetown. Meanwhile, the distance between the two beloved had increased so much that they couldn't even meet once before parting and the boy comes to know about it through Fin only after she is gone.

And everyday, for a year, he writes letters to her but her mother doesn't allow them to reach her. This makes Allie feel that the Noah has forgotten her completely. Meanwhile, her marriage is fixed to a wealthy man with whom she grows affection towards while she had served as a nurse for war soldiers and they end up engaging each other.

On the other hand, Noah returns home from the war, finding that his father had sold their house so that he can build the mansion. One day, while searching for her, he sees her, happy with her fiance and believing she has moved on, he walks away, but later, he works hard to fulfill the dreams they had woven together. He builds a beautiful white house. And time goes by, when it so happens that Allie is able to find him through a newspaper and she runs away to him.

But now, she had to decide whether she chose her family or him, the society or the love and unable to decide, she walks away . But, on discovering the truth that her mother had hidden, the letters, she realises her mistake and this time , she finally goes back to him.

When he laments that he had lost his beloved once again, she arrives and this time, forever , never to part again !

This movie is overall romantic and emotional one and by the end, the viewers gets goosebumps. The hearttouching story makes one cry atleast once during the movie. The turmoil suffered by the lovers, yet their never ending love makes a beautiful story in itself !