• 2.5/5
Big Name Came For A Big Fame
[contains spoilers]

Based on the best-selling novel by Jack Ketchum, I movie with a big name came for getting attention of the teenagers as it based on the most trending fantasy of the teenagers i.e. A porn star falling in love with the teenager.

The movie is about a nerdy, yet cute, high school overachiever discovers that the hot girl next door is a porn star! Cool! Isn't it!

This film could have been a sharp and funny unsentimental education if it had the smallest real interest in porn or high school. Instead of course, it's a soft-porn fantasy for the high-school demographic, gloating over the luscious and semi-revealed body of Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) whose bedroom happens to be visible from that of Matthew (Emile Hirsch), in accordance with the unalterable law of American teen movies.

Danielle's scary manager-cum-producer Kelly arrives on the scene to mess with Matthew's head, and he's played by Timothy Olyphant, a strong performer since his 1999 breakthrough as the creepy drug-dealer in Doug Liman's Go.

A movie that leaves a slimy trace of tackiness behind it.

At last I conclude by saying that the movie is somewhat decent in context to story and you will be entertained by the movie.