• 3.5/5
The Falcon and the Winter soldier

I was really looking forward to this show and my expectations where really high which may be the reason why I left feeling disappointed once the show was over, The cast is fantastic, Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are both terrific actors and their chemistry on screen is incredible, Wyatt Russell gives a phenomenal performance as John Walker every time he is on screen and the rest of the supporting cast are great too. The first 4 episodes are both entertaining and compelling and Sam's ark throughout the entire show is amazing. My main issue with the show is the flag-smashers they are the main villains of the show but they get nothing to do and aside from a few stand out moments in the last few episodes they are completely forgettable and fail to be intriguing like they need to be. I also had some issues with the last two episodes as I felt they fell short compared to the the first few episodes of the show. all that being said this is still a great and very enjoyable show watching Sam Wilson become Captain America is awesome and the Isaiah Bradley storyline was so compelling and emotional to me I cried in the final episode by his reaction to Sam's gift it was so beautiful. Overall this was a fantastic show but I was left feeling disappointed by a lot of things that had so much potential but simply missed the mark.