That's My Boy Review

  • 2/5
Sandler is turning into another Eddie Murphy for getting the big fat checks
[contains spoilers]

Sandler is turning into another Eddie Murphy: He makes terrible movies because he seems to not care as long as he's having fun and getting a huge paycheck. Never mind that this movie seems conceived by hormonal middle-school boys hot for their teacher. Perhaps Sandler thinks no one cares if he once again plays an over-sexed "lovable loser" who can somehow bed any woman in his immediate vicinity. Maybe some audiences (especially males under the age of 21) will enjoy the fat jokes and constant references to schlongs and sexual positions and bodily fluids -- not to mention sexual abuse and incest. It's just in good fun, he must justify; besides brothers and sisters have sex on Game of Thrones

The story starts as the Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) was a tabloid celebrity in his teens for fathering a child with his young, attractive teacher (Eva Amurri). Instead of being considered the victim of abuse, Donny had a TV movie made out of his life and cashed on his 15 minutes of fame. More than 20 years later, Donny is a Boston-area slacker who has just found out he must pay money in taxes. A local TV host offers Donny $50,000 if he can find his estranged son, Han Solo (Andy Samberg), and appear on a reunion special. Han, now in his mid-20s, is a successful hedge-fund manager with bland new name -- Todd Peters -- who's about to marry Jamie (Leighton Meester), a hen-peckish beauty. Donny tracks Todd down and pretends to be his best friend to convince him to do the show, but as the two get reacquainted, Donny and Todd realize that maybe they have more of a bond than they initially thought. The story ends with the son of Donny Berger becoming like him and refuse to marry that girl Jamie (which he did right).

The movie is all about sex, sex comedy, abusive word (almost every line in the movie contains an abusive word), statutory rape and many more.

I conclude myself by saying the movie is loaded with bad words, sex-comedy. For the teenagers, it is a 5 stars movie but in general it doesn't stand above 2.0