Super Deluxe Review

Bashpa Vijayan
  • 3.5/5
[contains spoilers]

Super Deluxe is one of the best dark humour movies ever made in India cinema. It has been well-praised by several critics for its genuine humour and realistic touch. The movie also throws light upon social issues that are barely spoken in society. Most of the societal taboos like adultery, harassment, porn addiction, etc are beautifully depicted in this masterpiece of a movie. The movie talks about the lives of 3 different people, all stuck in a circle of a conservative society and tries hard to break out of it and ends up committing mistakes during the process of it. The first story talks about a wife who involves herself into adultery and during the wake of it, kills her secret boyfriend unintentionally. Her husband is informed about it and both together try to dispose of the corpse during which they rediscover their lost affection. The second one is about a boy who is addicted to pornography and desires for sex limitlessly but when he discovers that his mother secretly earns bread for the house as a porn actor, he attempts to murder her out of rage and ends up harming himself. The third story is about a conservative family where the father of the boy child escapes to Bombay and returns home as a transgender woman after several years. This leaves the wife disappointed but the naive little boy enjoys the father’s company and the family finally ends up accepting his sexuality. The most interesting part of the story is that they are all interwoven and denotes how one’s actions end up affecting another’s life. On the contrary, this movie fails to explain certain concepts and their relevance. There are also a few scenes that make extensive use of cuss language that ends up making the audience uncomfortable. Overall, the movie is a one time watch worthy one as it explains different aspects of society and a common man’s view on it.