Soul Review

  • 5/5
Pixar did it again

Pete Doctor and Pixar have done it again, Soul is a magical and beautiful film that deals with a really important subject with such authenticity and heart. Jamie Foxx was the perfect choice to voice our main character his performance is full of passion and he delivers every line perfectly, Tina Fey is so likeable as 22 and her performance is so charming and memorable. The characters in soul are amazing, Joe and 22 are fleshed out so well and I really related to both of them, Their friendship is beautiful and its developed perfectly throughout the film. Soul is also beautifully animated everything is so colourful and lively and not a single shot looks bad in the entire film. Soul has equally funny and heartwarming moments, the scenes between Joe and his mother felt real and I loved everything about their relationship, The scene were Joe is playing the piano and remembering his life had me in tears and the entire third act of the film is just perfect. The film has many good jokes and almost everything 22 said during the 1st act had me laughing and the scene at the barber shop was hilarious. I honestly cant think of a single thing I didn't love about Soul it was just perfect and everything I could have hoped for. Please go and watch it.

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