Roshan Mhatre
  • 4.5/5
Harshad Mehta - The Indian wolf of Wall Street

With a lot of people(including me) binge-watching all episodes in a single day; with 5 Star-reviews all over Internet; with SonyLiv getting a major boom in OTT, Scam 1992 is truly a masterpiece created by Sony.

Whenever we hear the word ‘Stock Market’, unconsciously we are reminded of risk, money loss, not our cup of tea but that is not true at all.

I personally started investing from the April of this year because Compounding is really the 8th wonder of the World.

Let’s get back to track, Scam 1992- The Harshad Mehta Story provides an intriguing sneak-peek at the untapped potential of homegrown content creators — and what they are capable of — if allowed to run wild with their imagination.

But what is really “risk hai toh ishq hai” popping up everywhere nowadays.

The series does not want you to “risk” your hard-earned money in order to become great.

Instead, its ironically saying not to do if you don’t have enough knowledge and that’s true for every domain in our life.

Though the background of the series is India’s Biggest Financial Scam, but we as viewers love to watch it and we should because reading a Financial book may won’t give the insights and knowledge that this series will give.

There’s a lot to learn from here such as “Greedy is Unhealthy” and we all know that but tend to forget.

But Money can be made legally through Stock Market if you have the right knowledge and most importantly “PATIENCE”.

Do Watch this series, it has everything you won’t want to miss!