Sacred Games Review

  • 4/5
Very Addictive if you're an Indian but it's overly simple yet exhilarating

This hyped web series has an overly simple storyline with an ensemble cast and a lot of twisted encounters. So many that the audience fails to understand that this is like every other web series on Netflix. The distinction is drawn by the International creative director of Netflix herself, "We have experimented with local languages for shows based in different regions of the world and frankly, it has worked for us". This is precisely why it got such a large fanbase in our country, it's because it used local languages, references to our government and well, used masala above everything. But all in all, the storyline, though simple, has a gripping cinematography to back it with and that's precisely why every episode seems intense and heavy. The presentation is brilliant and the mixture of simplicity and grandeur in the screenplay is again brilliant. So in very simple words, it's a must watch for it has an amazing presentation of things we have probably already seen somewhere but watch it nevertheless!