Prisoners Review

  • 4/5
[contains spoilers]

This movie is one of the best on my list of suspense thrillers. There are two families meeting on Thanksgiving for celebrating it together , eventually one child from each goes out for playing together and doesn’t return . Now the search begins! And the detective Loki comes into action played by Jake Gyllenhaal … one of my favorites. And the fact that I really appreciate about the movie is that the movie makes one of the wrong suspects taken by father of the child of one family as hostage seem guilty on the disappearance of their children. Later on as the movie proceeds , more and more characters are introduced as the kidnapper suspects which makes it even hard to guess whose the real culprit? Whether it’s the one guy taken hostage by the parent or is it someone else … And then comes the climax scene which so so unexpected . Hugh Jackman has really done justice to his father’s role in the movie along with Jake Gyllenhaal as detective Loki.