Shriya Simran Pradhan
  • 3.5/5
A Heartwarming Show With Satisfying Pleasure

Having seen Ayush Mehra & Barkha Singh's onscreen chemistry, Please Find Attached was something was mildly expected. Two co-workers become housemates and obviously, fall in love. Despite it's predictable plot, Please Find Attached exceeds expectations. While millennials will like the office drama more than what's blooming between Shaurya & Sanya (sounded like siblings at first, not gonna lie), the romance too isn't as cringey as one would have thought it would be.

One of the biggest mysteries of the series remain that how did Sanya's parents ever agree to this arrangement of her living with a male co-worker who is practically a stranger to them without any objection- but I guess the writers decided to turn a blind eye on that topic. Other than the obvious fault which was never solved on the show, the series rubs you off with all the good vibes and though not thought provoking, feels hopeful and cheery.

With endearing moments meant to melt all romcom fans' hearts, it also keeps real with the struggle to stand out in your workplace, something which is rather eased in other shows in my opinion. Both the seasons do a good job rendering how our seniors and co-workers in the office have a great influence in our lives and doesn't present this picture perfect image of a private a job. What's surprising is the cute moments aren't all mushy-mushy but rather fulfilling in a sweet way. Not too much drama but not too much dull, Please Find Attached finds it's story in the little moments of life.