Petta Review

Taniya CJ
  • 4.5/5
[contains spoilers]


Karthik Subburaj yet again brought Rajinikanth in mission through “PETTA”. The director rajinified the entire movie through showing Our superstar back in his old style and walk and Gethu🔥

The college bullies hurt all young freshers as usually. The saviour who saves is usually a young student but the twist is that the saviour is Our Superstar Rajinikanth who is a hostel warden. Already fun enough. In order to protect his late bestfriend’s son, Kaali (Rajinikanth) works as a warden. This is where the movie sets in point. A huge turnabout happen when Anwar (Sananth) learns about the past about how his father was murdered. The movie sets off fiercely with action and legit puns. The movie’s highlight are the 4 beautiful women whose roles are less but definitely a push.

Anirudh Ravichender, the movie’s music producer set the trend once again. Every song from the soundtrack was a super-dooper hit. The bgm when Rajinikanth walks at his usual pace was a great pleasing sight for all die hard rajini fans. The romantic numbers were beautifully composed and sung by professional singers. Petta movie is a both visual and sensual feast.

The movie was hugely anticipated and welcomed, filling the theatres’ money desk.

The roar of the crowd at the theatres was huge. This movie is a must watch with family and friends. It is not a one time watch. It can be viewed many a times because of the famous cast. The chemistry between Rajinikanth and Trisha was emotional. The rebirth of love between Simran and Rajini was a blush-trend.


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