beautiful love story
it's a #cute love story . Any #couplesgoal is to be like these guys. Everyone will be so happy , if they can get a life partner as loving and caring as these couples towards each other. pearle is so crazy and any boy could fell in love with her and her naughty things with no time. I really looking to plan for a trip like this after watching it. They really brought the soul to the #coupleDrama . it is so #entertaining . In between ,the side characters too gave their contributions. Their #trueLove is #feelGood . I really liked it, simply awesome.
Short sweet series about love and couple goals..
Characters are few in number.Two main characters are expressing their best to bring the outcome bliss. Location is constant and it evokes particular feeling along with the bond of hero and heroine. It has got good music composition.
Maxim watched PEARLISH