Shriya Simran Pradhan
  • 3/5
A Guilty Pleasure Show For Those Who Love College Stories

Operation MBBS created buzz being one of the very few web series dedicated only for medical students, and while it is a good watch, doctor students might not find the connection they had wished to find in the Dice Media series. Along with the pressure of being a medical student and the changing relationship aspects between three friends, Operation MBBS is a coming-of-age drama that tries to compete with Kota Factory with its phiolosohpical talks but ends up being pretty average.

We have Nishant, son of an affluent doctor which shows the other side of 'nepotism'. Huma, an over-achiever since she was a child who struggles to find her self esteem and worth while getting knocked back the fierce cutthroat competition. Then we have Sakshi, whose sole job seemed like to be an ambassador for Unacademy- I swear- but to be fair she is the most relatable of all, with her humble background and big dreams, small town girl in a big city vibes.

While the shows break many stereotypes- like anatomy being the only subject taught in medical school- and brings forward other hilarious but stressful situations from medical life like getting a boneset, it still lacks showcasing just how much medical students have to work hard to achieve their goal. More like a 5 episode long advertisement for Unacademy, the series does do well. Ayush Mehra, especially, shines with his new learnt UP accent. I was expecting a love triangle of some sort- but thankfully, the makers decided to keep the show void of any romance element which was a breath of fresh air. Some funny, some quirky elements too does not make Operation MBBS seem like a complete waste of time. While the script does fine, it's the other non-existing stereotypes potrayed in the series like doing a 90-degree bow to seniors or a mundance act by a student trying to commit suicide (not for the first time, apparently) that make the series seem spurious. For someone who likes watching college friendships but definitely not in the style Karan Johar presents them, Operation MBBS will be a fine binge-watch. For medical students, the best I can say is just don't take offense.