One Tree Hill Review

Muskan Singh
  • 3/5
OTH has it all!

After binge watching many supernatural teen drama shows, I started watching a show from my Amazon Pime’s suggestion One Tree Hill created by Mark Schwahn. It’s an American teen drama used to air on The WB and later on The CW . It has total 9 seasons running from 2003 to 2012.

Basically the story is based in a fictional small town of Tree Hill, North Carolina about half brothers Nathan and Lucas Scott who are basketball players and rivals to each other. The show has character Peyton Sawyer with painting skills and really fine taste of music who is Nathan’s girlfriend and also the love interest of Lucas. There is a character named Brooke Davis who is the most popular girl of the school, captain of cheerleader team and Peyton’s best friend. There is the nerdy character of Hayley James who gives tuition and also is Lucas’s best friend. The story basically revolves around these main protagonists but there are many more characters whose parallel lives are shown like Dan Scott playing the villain dad, Keith Scott being the humble uncle, Karen being a single mom and running a café.

The prominent themes of the show are basketball and romance. The theme mainly focuses on love, friendship, betrayal and the reason behind them. The series shows the mistakes teens mostly do in high school. This series shows a lot about what’s happening in the people’s life when the tournament is approaching. Being basketball as a core concept initially, the game mentioned less in later seasons to focus more on girls’ stories. But the sentiments for the game have always been there among the characters.

The show also divided the audience between team Leyton(who root for Lucas and Peyton) and team Brucas(who root for Brooke and Lucas). The show also has power couple Nathan and Haley who has solid fan base. In the later season, you will also witness trinity friendship of Brooke, Peyton and Haley.

One of the best thing about the show is introducing its audience to new music artists who later became the stars. Musical Guests like Gavin DeGraw, Sheryl Crow, Fall Out Boy, Tegan and Sara, Angels & Airwaves, Grace Potter, Michelle Featherstone, Nick Lachey, Kid Cudi and Augustan have been to the show for performing at the Trick.

The story has been narrated by Chad Michael Murray(Lucas), Paul Johansson(Dan), Bethany Joy Lenz(Haley), Sophia Bush(Brooke) and Hilarie Burton (Peyton) in the course of time which is quite interesting as you get to witness different perspectives. The show dealt with important issues like drugs, peer pressure, gun culture, broken family and many more during the entire series. As a viewer you might feel like living with the character with their changing fortune in life.

From keeping the audience on the edge of their seat during every basketball game to applaud-worthy witty comebacks to every statement, this series has it all. If you haven’t watched it, and a sucker for high school drama, this is your show.