• 3.5/5

Sometimes a journey can give solutions to a lot of your oddness and for those who are reluctant to change these journeys happens accidentally. North 24 kaatham from debutant director Anil Radhakrishnan Menon is that film which will delight you with its fresh content, contemporary plot elements and some really sensible characters

It’s the freshness in the making that makes this movie engaging. And the movie doesn’t really go after situations to create humor. Almost every segment has various emotions and that real feel makes the film a refreshing one. Planting the idea of Harthal and conveying a lot of emotions were quite impressive as far as scripting is concerned. Writer has used each step in their journey to tell something either personal or social. With sound technical backup that just improves the quality of the craft; the movie manages to move in a very appealing way.

Swathy Reddy and Nedimudi venu also has a well applause character in this movie. This movie is just like a travel based so the main advantages is visual so director shows the beauty of wisdom of Kerala through his camera so that's why this movie is so colourful.since it's a dramatic movie 2nd half brings something's lag and director wants to expand the story and he puts a lot of story feeding to the audience.overall this movie is a good lighthearted story with a heart in a right place.