• 3/5

My 'Arranged' Marriage Story is a web-series from the house of Gabblin. It deals with the life of Raghav Gupta, a baniya boy, who is obsessed with the concept of love and marriage.

Raghav, who works in IT department, has a handsome income at the end of every month. He, since his childhood, had dreamt of having love marriage and is really very hopeful of that. According to him, if he meets someone through these matrimonial websites or close references, and gradually if they love each other, and marry, then it'll be a love-cum-arrange marriage, just as he has been dreaming of, throughout. Moreover, he wants to fall in love and marry a girl, in his own caste, as that would make his mother happy. Actually, Raghav is a simple and a very innocent guy. But his these concepts regarding love and marriage kind of affects his meetings with girls, and was also a reason for his breakup. He, previously, loved someone, from his office. But, in the long run, their relationship didn't last.

So, at the end of this season of the web-series, we find Raghav acts maturely and understands that this belief that he has been carrying with himself, all throughout, is not going to happen as he had dreamt of it.

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