• 3/5
Two young love birds running for love and run off together. Important is that they're only 12
[contains spoilers]

The movie came up with 7.8 IMDB rating. No offense to IMDB but this movie doesn't go above 3.0/5.

I story is about Two young lovers who leave their homes and families and run off together which is like very usual story, But! the unique part is that they're 12.

After they ran the director Anderson showed the old generation unhappiness for the two of them. The boy 'Sam' is the member of local scout troop and the girl 'Suzy' is the daughter of 'Bill Murray' and 'Frances McDormand' whose marriage is in crisis. Bruce Willis is the police chief: lonely and depressed for reasons of his own, and Edward Norton is the scout troop leader, preposterous yet dignified in his absurd shorts and long socks. Grownups and kids are united in their fear and loathing of the social services officer, keen to put Sam away in an orphanage, played by Tilda Swinton in an electric-blue outfit, like an hostile insurgent from another planet.

The cinematography is very nice, Anderson showed his elegance in his direction. The scenes were good. The innocence of the twos was shown very nicely.

At last I conclude myself by saying, To some, Moonrise Kingdom may be nothing more than a souffle of strangeness, but it rises superbly. The movie is nice but not upto the mark.