Minus One Review

Shriya Simran Pradhan
  • 4/5
A Few Reasons To Watch Minus One!

Just Human Things’ Minus One comes with an eerie yet pensieve concept- instead of moving on from a bad breakup, Varun and Riya move in- literally- as flatmates. From each other plus one they become each other’s minus one, but does that mean it will change the equation of trust and friendship between them?

Based on true events, Minus One is one exciting roller coaster- from awkward conversations with new baes to some unforgettable memories Riya and Varun have given their history- and here are some reasons why you should watch it:

The Impeccable Chemistry Between Aisha & Ayush

About two years ago, FilterCopy presented us with one of the cutest chemistries ever in the digital media world. Over the years, there has been a constant vying between Ayush-Aisha stans and Ayush-Barkha stans about whose appeal is better. Nevertheless, one must agree Aisha & Ayush have some major winsome chemistry on screen, be it be just as friends or baes. There endearing banters are not only adorable but funny, something which can only be achieved if there is a thriving friendship between the two actors.

The Neoteric Concept

Based on real-life events of one of the writers, Minus One explores a story hardly ever told before. And quite well, I must say. For exes to move in together because they still understand each other’s situations and problems is something uncommon, but surely heartwarming. The aged idea of exes hating each other being replaced by two mature individuals understanding each other cause of the time they have spent together- this is something very interesting to watch and think about.

The ‘Then VS Now’ Theme

The creators do a fabulous job in differentiating what happened when the two main characters were together and what is happening when they aren’t together anymore. Be it them being much more comfortable and friendlier with each other now than they were then or the different ways in which they handle the situations- the evolution of Riya and Varun’s friendship slash relationship is something that not only gives food for thought but also is endearing to watch.

The Society’s Intolerance

No matter what, someone or the other will judge. And there is nothing we can do about it. Varun and Riya’s decision about moving in is met by loads of complications, and while they are perfectly comfortable with each other, the narrow-minded society won't let them be. The ugly truth that they will be judged nevertheless of anyone knowing the truth is something they find hard to cope with, especially Riya. Watching the series makes you realize that as long as you aren’t in the position of the person you’re judging, don’t form an opinion. Period.

The Hilarious Segments

The web series is naturally funny, like those type of random conversations you have with your best of friends. But a few sequences- especially one where Riya’s father arrived unannounced- are something that will make you roll with laughter. Aisha and Ayush’s chemistry works here in a hysterical manner, and the other actors too pitch in to give some real quality entertainment.

The Engaging Side Characters

Tripathi Ji is Riya and Varun’s housemate and is my personal favourite. He may look slightly orthodox but is the most non-judgemental person in the series. There is Vedika, Varun’s almost girlfriend who might not seem likeable at first but trust me, you’ll love her. There is Nikhil, who oh-so-subtly points out to Riya and Varun about why they hide their history if they think they’re right to do what they are doing, and then there is Avi and Meera, who find the solutions of their own fights by judging the two main characters. The side characters are not only absorbing but also add spice to the riveting concept and definitely provide a diversity of personalities.

All in all, Minus One works really well with all the concepts- humour, romance, friendship, reality- and is definitely a mustwatch.