Me Before You Review

  • 5/5

I forgot the exact date when I had first watched this movie "Me before you", but the way I admired Will Traynor back then is still vivid. It's still the same..

I remember watching when he was talking over the phone in the roadside on a rainy day when that vehicle struck him. Will, with all the innocence in his face, didn't know what to do! And, at that time, my heart had stopped for a moment too!

I remember Will, then seated on the wheelchair, all helpless and without a ray of hope and how much I had wanted to help him.. And then, Louisa " Lou" Clark came, with all the happiness in the world and that beautiful smile of hers; I had found myself in her, cheerful and happy-go-lucky and the weird clothing of hers, she resembled me so well.. And I was happy because she had come for him!

But honestly, I was disappointed by the way Will treated her.. Like she was nothing! Well, okay, I admit that she was not like the rest, but wasn't she good enough to at least be treated well? He didn't even look at her and ignored all her efforts to make him smile.. And everytime, she'd greet him, he didn't even greet back.. I really found it rude, but I always hoped for something better to happen!

I remember that day when she took him on a walk and talked about Paris, being the most beautiful place for him.. And that day, when he took her to his ex's wedding and they danced, the most beautiful couple I had even seen!

And on the musical event, Lou wore that red dress, I swear I fell in love with it, even searched for something similar, but alas! I could never find it..

I remember how Will looked at her.. And well, I was happy, for both of them!

And then, when Will was ill and Lou took care of him, I felt that maybe he had found a reason to live, to be happy! But maybe, somewhere, I was wrong!

The day she danced, under the stars, near the sea, on a beautiful night, it was one of the best things to behold.. I thought he would tell her how much he had fallen in love with her! Watching her dance, how much he wanted to look at her, forever.. But then, he said that his six months were over.. That everything would end soon!

I swear I didn't understand then what it meant, but when she sat near him on the hospital bed, it was then that I had cried, for I realized he'd leave her forever..

I had always wanted Will to live, to watch Lou smile and grow old with her, but maybe, somewhere, you were right.. But still, I'd have been a lot happier had it been a happy ending!

But maybe, not every love story has a happy ending, this was one of those.. But, honestly, I'd always admire Will and what he did for Lou! When she sat in a cafe in the most beautiful place in the world, Paris, reading his letter, I realized how much he was in love with her.. And forever, even after he was no more..

He always wanted her to "Live, just live " and, she did!