• 4.5/5
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Jodis made in heaven and Indian weddings – We are all about the extravaganza, aren’t we? Two wedding planners - adding a modern touch to our traditions and customs, rooted in Delhi and thinking big before they think anything else at all. An entire team of Made in Heaven that addresses issues, takes a stand, speaks out but most of all, it relentlessly pursues its dream of being a successful wedding planning company together.

Each character has been drawn meticulously and each complexity has been addressed with skillful acting and brilliant direction. Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti have given us a new series to binge and depend on, while making it realistically appealing at the same time. Every episode showcases individual weddings that do not really seem far-fetched and show the Indian roots at the same time.

This is the show everyone should be talking about. This is the show we can really be proud of.